Gulf Conferences Ltd (GCL) is a leading event organizer with specific expertise in events which have a MENA region representation. It first began in 2008 and has successfully launched and organized a number of business to business and business to consumer events across a variety of industry sectors. With a wide array of expertise in positioning, marketing and all logistical elements of any event, Gulf Conferences possess its own portfolio of events namely in the education sector, as well as having a wealth of experience in being contracted to manage events on behalf of organizations.

GCL’s main focus has been in the education sector, and has developed its in-house events over the last 6 years, commencing with Qatar Education in 2010, which following great demand was developed into Gulf Education in 2011 and has been highly successful to date. In line with their expertise and success in this arena, they were also appointed by the Libyan Government to launch Libya Higher Education Forum in 2014 – which proved to be extremely popular, and well-attended. In response to industry feedback the Gulf Education event has prospered over the years and further events and partnerships have been developed such as the World Scholarship Program, Africa Education Summit and the Fujairah Careers Fair.


The history of UBT is one of courage and vision, one that sought to fill the need for specialized and quality business education that would be of benefit to the labor market in Saudi Arabia. Over a short period of 12 years, UBT expanded tremendously by implementing the key factors of effective and courageous leadership while prioritizing a high value for quality education. UBT began as a simple junior college in the year 2000, offering classes to both genders that granted business-related diplomas, and quickly progressed by 2003 into a full-fledged four-year college (CBA) offering six programs.

In 2008, the College of Engineering and Information Technology was established, offering five programs, followed by the College of Advertising in 2011. By the year 2015, the Research and Consultation Centre was in place, adding even more advantage to those who sought Higher Education. Currently, UBT is successfully operated under its governing body which consists of The Board of Trustees (BOT), The University Council (Senate), The Scientific Council, The College Council/s, The Departmental Council/s, all of which are approved by the Supreme Council of Higher Education.

Strategic Partners

The Federation of Chambers of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), founded in 1979, is the most important institutional frameworks gathering the private sector of the Gulf and representing the economic interests of the institutions and members of the sector. It provides different types of highly efficient services to protect its interests both at GCC and abroad, whereas governmental agencies may suffer from bureaucratic challenges and difficulties.

Over the past decades, the Federation of Chambers of GCC, had developed its activities and service -oriented programs to support the performance of the private sector at the GCC, and contributed actively and positively to support the Gulf economy in general.